Soap Sticks and Chemical Sticks for Oil & Gas Wells
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EF-21 Soap Sticks are composed of a blend of high performance foaming agents encased in a water-soluble tube. EF-21 Soap Sticks dissolve much faster than conventional “hard” sticks. This allows for much shorter shut in times. This product is effective in a broad range of water types. It will also tolerate more produced hydrocarbons than conventional “hard” sticks.

Upon application, the stick will fall to the top of the water level. There they will begin to dissolve, releasing the highly concentrated foaming agents. As the foaming agents are released, agitation from flow-through gas will begin to build a stable foam column. The accumulated fluids can then be removed by opening the well to minimal system pressure.


For unloading fluid buildup in gas wells, drop 2 –4 sticks down the tubing. Shut the well in for 15 minutes – 1 hour. Then open the well back up to a minimal system pressure. A regular maintenance treatment program is recommended. By dropping 1 – 2 sticks on a regular basis higher levels of production can be maintained and unnecessary swabbing can be eliminated. Actual minimum stick usage and shut in times can vary significantly from well to well. We suggest the above mentioned usage rates be used as starting points and then adjusted up or down depending on your wells responsiveness to this product.


EF-21 Soap Sticks are industrial chemicals. All safety and handling on the product container and material safety data sheet must be followed. For detailed safety and disposal information, consult the material safety data sheet. This product should be stored in a cool, dry location.


FORM------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paste in a water-soluble tube
COLOR------------------------------------------------------------------------Tan paste / Tan Tube
DENSITY (150OF, lbs/ gal)-----------------------------------------------8.7
SPECIFIC GRAVITY--------------------------------------------------------1.044
MELTING POINT------------------------------------------------------------85F


EF-21 Soap Sticks are available in the following sizes: 1-1/4” X 15” and 3/4” X 15”.  The 1-1/4” X 15” are packed 60 sticks per case. The 3/4” X 15” come packaged 100 sticks per case. They are available in 40-quart coolers, packmasters, boxes and other containers. Contact Eagle Solid Products, Inc. for more details.

The information contained and the recommendations made in this data sheet are based upon data collected and believed by us to be correct. However, no guarantee or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, is made herein with respect to the merchandise described and we assume no responsibility for the results or the use thereof.